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A Day with NJDX

Software Tree releases a pretty cool O/R Mapper

by William Ryan
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I've been on the O/R Mapper  bandwagon for a while and just came across NJDX from Software Tree.   I think that Deklarit and LLBLGenPro are two of the finest on the market, but I have to admit that I've also taken a liking to NJDX quite a bit.  Both Deklarit and LLBLGenPro have a lot to love about them, features which are fundamentally different from each other, so what does NJDX bring to the table?  Simplicity.  i've seen a few iterations of the product and it appears that they tried mainly to make an O/R Mapper with no learning curve.  To a large extent, that's exactly what they've done.  

I downloaded it and installed it.  There are some great tutorials which walk you through using it.   About 20 minutes later, I created a project and tested it.  Viola.  I'm still a little perplexed about what's going on b/c I've ripped apart the files and I can't really tell where the code is being generated.  But I took a quick query and populated a datareader with it, iterated through the reader and filled a Listbox control and it takes one line of code to do.  compared with the roughly 15 lines of code it normally would have, it's pretty impressive.  I tried the usual tasks, changing DB Column names, absolutely simple.  I tried mapping the fields to a different column, no problem there either.  All in all It's pretty darned impressive and easy to use.  If you're looking for an O/R tool, it's defintely one worth taking a serious look at.

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