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NET Refactor - Automate Refactoring of VB.NET and C# Code Now.

NET Refactor currently has 34 Powerful, Time-Saving features. NetRefactor 2.1.70 is the latest version for Visual Studio 1.1

NetRefactor2005 is now available on the Download Page.  Click to Download or Purchase.

Check out the Region Organizing feature of NetRefactor.  If you really want to keep your classes organized, don't miss this set of features.  One user, after using the Regions organizing feature, said, "Thanks for a Wicked Tool!"  This feature alone justifies the cost of the product after using it for an hour on Regionizing your code by just pointing and clicking.

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Examples And Tutorials

Clicking the following link will take you to a list of all Articles on Refactoring and Articles on Using the various features of NET Refactor.  These articles are in addition to the Topiics in the Help File Distributed with NET Refactor.

Examples and Tutorial Articles.

NET Refactor Complexity Analyzer

NET Refactor now has a Complexity Analyzer.  This form displays the whole solution in a treeview.  As each Project Item is listed in the treeview, its name, accessibility, return type, and number of lines (function, property, enum, etc.) are shown without any additional clicking.  If you click on a Project Item, a method for example, the code of that method will show the code for that method.  A right-click option will instantly analyze the method, showing the Cyclomatic Complexity (number of control branches), the depth to which If/ElseIf/Case, etc., are nested, and the depth to which loops (For, While, Do) are nested.  Additionaly, since comments and white space are important factors ( at least in the minds of many development managers), the white space and comment percentages are listed also.

Get Refactoring in C# and VB.NET Now.  Test Drive
NET Refactor (30 Day Free Trial), the latest product from KnowDotNet.  What is Refactoring?  Refactoring is a methodology for restructuring existing code.  The plan is to change the internal structure without changing the external behavior.  The plan should include making your code easier to read, navigate through, and maintain.  If possible, refactoring should also improve the perfomance of the code.  

NET Refactor is a set of automated tools that allows you to refactor code, reorganize the code of your forms and classes, and generally clean up some undesirable code sequences.  It is an add-in for Visual Studio .NET that fits seamlessly into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

The features of NET Refactor are broken into two major classes of automated tools.  NET Refactor is built on the framework of the very popular free add-in, Net Class Organizer, which has been available for download from KnowDotNet for several months.  There have been hundreds of downloads of this free add-in.

All features of NET Refactor can be invoked from one menu.  This menu, shown in Figure 1 below, can be placed on the Tool menu, on the main MenuBar, in the Code Window Context Menu, or both the MenuBar and Context Menu.

Figure 1 - NET Refactor Menu.

NetRefactor Main Menu

All refactoring features of NET Refactor  work for
C# and VB.NET and include the following functionalities:

Refactoring Functions

Rename Menu

Additional refactoring features fall under Sub Menus, Rename and Sql/ADO Refactor.  The Rename Menu currently has four features, and more are being added.  These include the following;

SQL/ADO Refactor Menu

Several features for cleaning up Dynamic SQL are planned, including the creation of Stored Procedures from a selected block of SQL Code.  The features available with the current release are:

Organizing Classes

  • Move Method to Region - Moves selected method to existing or new, user-defined region.  Thiese features work with Code Window containing multiple Classes and even embedded classes.
  • Create Region - Wrap Selection in newly named region.
  • Insert Regions - Insert set of user-defined regions into new Class.
  • Move Selection to Region
  • Create Region for Selection

  • Insert Regions in Class or Form

  • Customize Your Regions for Classes and Forms

  • Move Class to Namespace

  • Create Namespace for Selected Class(s)
  • >

Automatic Functions (Optional)

  • Move Events to Region - Moves New Events to a region as they are added.
  • Insert Regions - Insert selected regions into newly created class.
  • Insert Regions into New Classes and Forms

  • Move Form and Control Events to Region as They are Added to Form

Try NET Refactor Free for 30 days or purchase now by clicking Download or Purchase.

New Features are being added to NET Refactor, Version 2, and as they are added, you can download the new features without additional cost.

To view additional detail about NET Refactor, you can view the help file for NET Refactor on-line, by clicking Show Help File.

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