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NetRefactor2005 is now available for Trial or Purchase.  Click Here to Try it NOW!

NET Refactor currently has 34 Powerful, Time-Saving features.  New Refactoring features are being added almost weekly.  A more powerful Complexity Analyzer will be released shortly that will include Class, Project, and Solution Level Complexity Analysis Data.


NEW FEATURES IN Version 2.1.70

  • Click Here to see Update Information

  • New Feature to Create Enum from SQL Select Clause

  • Extract Method can now create a function (return a value) in addition to a Sub/void Method

If you have already downloaded and installed NET Refactor, and you want to get the latest version without overlaying your registration file or any of the user maintained Snippets, Regions, etc., go to Download Latest Upgrade.

Download Options

Download NetRefactor2005 - Version 2.2.16   Click Here

NetRefactor2005 is free for current owners of a NetRefactor License.  Pricing for NetRefactor2005 is the same and license(s) can be purchased by clicking one of the options for NetRefactor from the Download Options above.

Update Information

To see if there are any updates to the version of NET Refactor that you have, click on UPGRADE.TXT, and open it on-line to get the latest version.

Download Latest Upgrade (For VS 2003)

You can get the latest version of NET Refactor here.  Do not try to install this download unless you have already installed the full version.  This version will only upgrade the add-in.  It does not include any of the required files.  It is provided so that you can upgrade the add-in with the latest features and bug fixes without destroying any snippets, regions, etc., and to leave your registration file intact.

To download the latest update, click Download Update to NET Refactor NET Refactor 2.1.70 (DLL only).  
This file is only the program.  It will not run as an initial install.  This is an update package only.

Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
Writing Add-ins for Visual Studio .NET
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