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CSharpCompleter is not just another code completion add-in.  It provides the biggest savings in keystrokes for C# Developers possible.  With CSharpCompleter there is no more typing of curly braces!  This one feature of CSharpCompleter saves the C# developer hundreds of keystrokes per day, not to mention the headaches that result from having a missing or misplaced curly brace.  

This feature of CSharpCompleter automatically adds a set of curly braces after the developer presses the Enter Key following the completion of a conditional construct line that does not end with a semicolon (;).  This feature examines the line just completed to see that it is a line such as "if, elseif, else, do, for, foreach, etc.), indicating that the line could be followed by two or more lines of code, thereby requiring enclosure by curly braces.

Additional automatic features include the creation of XML comments as soon as the developer enters a new function definition line.  CSharpCompleter recoginizes a line that appears to be a property definition and will prompt the developer for automatic population of the property.  Many other features can be seen by clicking on one of the links below.

There is a version of CSharpCompleter for both Visual Studio 1.1 and 2.0, and 3.5.

Try CSharpCompleter for 30 days Free by Clicking Here or click one of the links below to see a detailed description of the major features of CSharpCompleter.

The primary function of CSharpCompleter is to complete the constructs for for, if, else if, else, do, while, and function definition lines.  In the code shown below, only the bolded letters were typed; the rest of the construct was generated by the CSharpCompleter as the user typed the code.  All of the braces, etc., were generated by the add-in.  

Note, the comments on the ending braces.  This is an optional feature with CSharpCompleterPlus.  The XML comments are also an optonal feature when you enter a function definiton line or a new class definition.

        /// <summary>
        /// </summary>
        /// <param>s</param>
        /// <param>i</param>
        private int test(string s, int i)
foreach(a in b)
for(i=0; i<8; i++)
while(a == 9)

// while
while (   );
// foreach
// if
            else if(a==2)

// else if

// else
// method test

Show Block is a valuable new feature that automatically highlights a code block from the top (for, if, do, foreach, etc.) or from the bottom ending brace (}).  If you have ever looked at a number of ending braces and wondered where does the block for one of those braces start, look no more!  Show Block will show you with the click of the mouse; and it will tell you how many lines and how deeply nested the block is.  This is a powerful feature that you will use many times a day.

CSharpCompleter has many additional time-saving features.  To see the full details of these features, click on the desired link below.

Try CSharpCompleter  (VS 2003) for Free for 30 Days.  To Download the Free Trial Version, click here.

Try CSharpCompleter for Visual Studio 2005/2008 for FREE for 30 days.  To Download the Free, fully featured Trail Version, Click HERE.

Purchase Registration Key for one copy of CSharpCompleter (VS 2003) for $39.

Purchase 5 Seat License for CSharpCompleterPlus (VS 2003) for $159.

Purchase Site License for CSharpCompleterPlus (VS 2003) for $319.

Purchase Registration Key for one copy of CSharpCompleter (VS 2005/2008) for $39.

Purchase 5 Seat License for CSharpCompleterPlus (VS 2005/2008) for $159.

Purchase Site License for CSharpCompleterPlus (VS 2005/2008) for $319.

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